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Michigan Chaldean and Arab Community Business Directory

A letter from the Publisher

Here is the Michigan Chaldean & Arab Community Business Directory for the year 2022, brightly glowing with your advertisements and achieving greater success than the last year.

Despite all the difficulties and obstacles we faced and the abnormal rise in prices that everyone suffers from, our directory here comes up with more advertisements than last year. This reflects the great confidence of our honorable advertisers in our directory. We, in turn, are grateful for this support and high confidence and express our deep respect and appreciation to all of you.

The first issue in 2021 achieved great success, as witnessed by the honorable community and those who found the directory is well worth a browse either manually or electronically.

This is the first Chaldean-Arab directory to electronically browse in Michigan, published in less than six months, despite all the difficulties that faced the editorial staff in light of Coronavirus and the closure of all businesses in the State of Michigan and all over the world.

This directory was published at a time when all businesses were closed, but it was able to establish itself as an important tool for everyone, with all specialties the community needs in their daily lives.

After the great success of the first issue of the directory, the editorial staff began to work on publishing the second issue (2022).

Unfortunately, although that we are in the country of freedom and democracy, we have faced hypocritical, hateful, and envious bodies and actions stand in the way of every development in the community. However, these malicious souls failed to achieve their goals, and the second issue is the best proof of the directory’s success, telling the community about the efforts exerted by its members and attracting more and more advertisers.

Dear consumer, when you browse the directory, tell the advertisers that you found their advertisements in the Michigan Chaldean & Arab Community Business Directory to achieve the desired purpose thereof. To those who missed the opportunity to advertise this year, you will find the pages of 2023 waiting for your advertisements. Do not hesitate! Do not miss the opportunity!

Your advertisement will be published along with thousands of other advertisements through this directory, which is distributed for free in all the areas where the community is located, and it will be published online and visited by tens of thousands monthly. Contact us to be at your service! We wish success to all.

Let us not forget to extend our condolences to everyone who has lost a dear or loved one during this global pandemic and difficult time. May they rest in peace!

We are full of hope and optimism that peace and love will prevail in the planet earth, harmony will spread among peoples, and poverty and epidemics will be eradicated.

We always promise to be at your service and highlight the success of your business.

Remember that this directory is in service of all members of the Michigan Chaldean & Arab Community in diaspora.

For and on behalf of the editorial board,

Fadi Abbo